Lotta Wesley


Wpassion Lotta helps people to discover their inner most valuable qualities. She is vibrating with energy and commitment to assist and coach you, to discover all your inner resources, both physical and mental.
With a big heart and compassion she is an enormously good listener, humble and easy to trust, you feel that she is a person you can confide in, a person that really want to help you to achieve what is best for you.

As an authority in physical and mental health and seasonal holistic health, she works with a results-driven focus to assist you in becoming the best you can be, in your path to achieving your dreams and goals.
As an entrepreneur and business woman, she has a unique ability to create report and build on relationships. She is a master in listening to people, not only to what is said, but she has also has the gift of observing and sensing what lies beneath.
With a fiery passion for people and their wellbeing, she will assist you in any way possible for you to achieve the freedom in health and success that you dream of. And with her skills and experience in human behavioral science and coaching, she will guide you all the way to excellence and mastery.



Lotta’s is continually working towards her long time vision, which is a society characterized by belief in a sustainable future, where we all respect and each other, a society where no one need to be poor or starving.
With her passion for the wellbeing of the individual she is working on her life’s mission to support and challenge you to become all that you can be. She is all in for contributing to every individual’s right to feeling safe, confident human being enjoying life to the fullest.


Lotta has helped and assisted thousands of people to a better physical and mental health, as well as greater self-esteem and self-confidence with a unique combination of physical exercises, like yoga and Pilates, in combination with mental training.
With her lectures and knowledge in leadership, health, coaching and human behavior, she been a contributing factor in many people changing their lives for the better, including going from depression to a new life in joy and happiness.

Lotta's early career

Lotta started his career as a recreational teacher in primary school. That is where she developed her unique ability to listen to, and confirm other people, the ability see beyond the words being said. That career was put to rest when she had three children within two year, the latter being twins!
From the experience of going through a depression of not being able to handle all the pressure of all the roles in life; a wife, a mother and a teacher, she educated herself to become a coach to get the right tools, and also to help others.

Personal development, mastery education & coach

Lotta has been engaged in personal development since 2001 and become an authority on how to achieve a physical and mental body in balance, not only internally, but also externally – the external factors being external factors of pressure being job, people, friends, career as well as the seasonal shifting of the year.
She has continued to educate herself, in order to create the best life possible, and assist her clients to achieve the most fulfilling life possible. She has read books, attended and listened to educations and seminars in the area of personal development, excellence, mastery and coaching from sources and teachers like Anthony Robbins, Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Chris Howard, Earl Nigtingale, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyodsaki, Tad James, Wayne Dyer & Zig Ziegler, among others.

As a complement Lotta is engaged in a travel and adventure business - one of the best ways to create experiences, memories and happiness in life.


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